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poniedziałek, 16 listopada 2015

Win Microsoft Lumia 950 XL [Word wide contest]

1. Download Battery Super Saver WP app:
2. Take a photo on which you are using our app.
3. Post photo in a comment section below to 10th DEC 2015 12pm GMT.
4. Creator of most creative photo will win 1 x  Microsft Lumia 950XL!
5 Winner will be selected by and announced on 11th od DEC.

PS. you need to be at least 18 years old to participate.

Good luck to eveyone!

Download Battery Super Saver For Free!

10 komentarzy:

  1. BOOM! My name Werguison Loboto email:

    1. heheh it looks that you are the only one attending;) so you are the winner:) i really would like to see if this is a Fake or Not?:)

  2. This is Bijou, the dog of my boss. She likes to play candy crush with me (she loves the melody of the game). Therefore she wanted to look just whether I have enough battery power and has launched the best battery app. But the battery of my cell phone is broken, so I can no longer play with her very long. My boss says, if I win the mobile phone he's throwing his out of the window, and he buys a Lumia with a colour of my choice

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  3. Unfortunattely we see that we had only one entrance which met all the requirements about posting date but still great photo!:). So Werguison Loboto congratulations and we will contact you via email!:)