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sobota, 10 października 2015

Battery life in Lumia 950XL

We are all excited by the latest Microsoft announcements about the new Lumia flagships. They looks great and have great specification but looking on Snapdragon 808 in 950 and Snapdragon 810, big screen, 3GB RAM, question about battery life consumption comes to our mind.

This is very important question if we take to the account that battery life is the most important feature of the device for 57% of Windows Phone users according to IDC. 

The good news is that both of these flagships devices will have removable battery which a massive number of users consider as must have when buying a phone. The second good news is that overall size of the battery is big 3000 mAh (950) or 3300 mAh (950XL) [but still less then in 1520 - 3400 mAh]. Lumia 950 and 950XL has also Wireless charging support and a USB Type-C port, which Microsoft promises will provide a 50 percent charge in 30 minutes.

Here is our test of this functionality: 

Simply: It works. And full charge of battery takes 1.5H in total which is great result.

The last and not least is the fact that we are able to optimize the battery consumption by using very modern applications like Battery Super Saver available exclusively on WP platform and working smoothly also on Lumia 950 with Windows 10, which was tested last week.

We know that maybe this is not the sexiest and most exciting product but is extremely useful, people are recommending it. The app has all features like time left, last charging, consumption, time remaining to full charge, charge start, charge speed. 

The unique feature is the number of recharges which user can measure after downloading the app. Is good to highlight that standard battery life cycle is around 1000 recharges so is good to know in which phase of battery life cycle our phone is. App is off course for free, user will see the adds but he can remove them for 0,99$ which is the lowest possible price in the Windows Phone Store dashboard.

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